What Happens To The Family Home When A Divorce Is On The Table?

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Why Should First Home Owners Invest First


I spoke at a networking event recently where a lovely young lady (let’s call her Kate) was sharing with me her dream home that she is currently saving for. It was a unique home with an interesting style, and she was not going to settle for anything else – she was prepared to wait until…

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How to save money on tax before the next election

Read this information now to save big dollars. Hurry you have less than 90 days to act. With the federal election looming and significant changes to Capital Gains Tax and Negative Gearing, if the Labor Party wins office, the clock is ticking on your last chance to take advantage of the current tax benefits. Labour…

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Tax variation key to supercharged cashflow

Residential investors, it’s time to unlock your pay packet and start claiming what’s yours with a tax variation due by June 30 each year. This completely legal accounting process reduces your tax during the year, thereby improving cashflow and your investment property’s holding costs. At Smarter Property Investing, we know that strong cash flow is the…

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