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Building Financially Fit Families With Property

An Evening With Christine Williams

What We Will Cover

A comprehensive 60 - 90 minute presentation using everyday language that covers:

  • Is an annual income of $65,000 enough to invest in an investment property portfolio?
  • How do you build an investment property strategy that suits your time frame, budget, lifestyle and goals?
  • How will Christine and the team support you through the investment process, from individual wealth creation plans to purchasing quality housing stock?
  • How can you receive tax back in advance via a tax variation?
  • What different vehicles can be used to buy an investment property? eg: private, self-managed super fund, company, trust
  • Where are the best places to invest in property across Australia at the moment for capital growth and/or cash flow?
  • What happens if you lose your job or lose a tenant?
  • How does your age affect your investment property strategy and what different plans does Christine suggest for different age groups?
  • What's the best type of property to buy for an investment....residential or commercial and why?

Each person will receive their own individual 'Building Your Future' folder which contains a sequence of documents that can assist in clarifying your current financial position.

We have a preference for small intimate groups rather than theatre style or classroom settings so we can get to know people and really drill down on their burning questions. 

Light refreshments and snacks will be supplied. When making a booking, you'll be advised of any special parking arrangements.

Private Financially Fit Family Presentations

Cheese, Wine, Couch & Property

Usually held in someone's home or workplace with a group of people who are not able to make it to one of our public presentations and so they organise it themselves. Dates are negotiated directly with Christine Williams.

There is a minimum requirement of at least three couples or six people to attend.

Light refreshments and a few nibbles provided by the host is appreciated by anyone who attends.

Allow two hours from start to finish including questions.


Lunch & Learn At Work

What is Lunch & Learn At Work?

We currently run micro informational sessions with corporate clients during the lunch breaks of staff. Generally held in a small break-out room where people can attend a quick introduction to property investing during their lunch hour in an informal atmosphere. 

No minimum number required.

Light refreshments and a few nibbles are provided.

Allow 45 - 50 minutes for the presentation including questions.

Please contact our office to organise a session with our Event Manager.


Book Your Seat - Upcoming Events

Wednesday 23rd October

How to Get Into The Property Market

  • Camberwell Bendigo Bank, 4 Prospect Hill Road Camberwell
  • Light refreshments & Nibbles provided
  • Time: 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start

Speaking Events

TESTIMONIAL: Procrastinating by saying we were time poor was no longer an excuse.....

We are both professional educators and are time poor but wanted to invest in property. Being academics means we need the right data and research to make any decision. Christine does this in spades. No matter what we asked, she was either able to answer immediately or get back to us quickly. Armed with the right information meant we were able to purchase two properties in a short period of time, albeit one settled within 6 months and one in 18 months. The strategy behind this decision was solid and sensible to us and now as our first property comes close to being completed we are looking forward to planning our next purchase. We highly recommend Christine and her team to put you on the right track in property investing.                                                            

Eric and Sally

TESTIMONIAL: A pleasure to be spoken `to` and not to be spoken `at`.....

Thanks Christine, a very informative evening. You really are an engaging speaker and it was a pleasure to be spoken 'to' and not to be spoken 'at'. There is a big difference.
You revealed some very personal stories that led you to explore and learn about property investment and I for one appreciate you sharing them with the group. You explained everything in a personable and succinct manner and made the evening very comfortable for us all. Thank you again