How to save money on tax before the next election

Read this information now to save big dollars. Hurry you have less than 90 days to act. With ...
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Tax variation key to supercharged cashflow

Residential investors, it's time to unlock your pay packet and start claiming what's yours with a tax variation ...
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Successful property portfolios – quality trumps quantity

We've all heard about that one investor who has a massive nationwide portfolio, but not much to show ...
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Property portfolio strategies when retirement is just around the corner

If you're like many Australians, retirement is something sitting over the hill - you can see the slight ...
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How Much Time

Starting again after a setback

Originally published in The Frontier Investor Newly single? Let's uncover how you can bounce back and build a strong ...
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Emotional mistakes property investors should avoid

Recently I spoke with Belinda Punshon from about how to master your rational decision making to avoid emotional pitfalls ...
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Managing the leap reflex

I thought you’d like this piece by well-known businessman Seth Godin, who writes about how to look at ...
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Why Women Succeed In Property Investing

Everyone has the ability to be a successful property investor, however, I’ve noticed over the last few years ...
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The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Invest In Property Before April 2019

In my line of work I am always researching trends and legislation to ensure that I know exactly when ...
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Top 10 Property Specialist

Winner – Top 10 Property Specialists in Australia

I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted last week to say that I had been nominated and won ...
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Make the most of your money

How to make the most out of your money

How to make the most out of your money. If you take a close look at the relationship ...
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How to overcome the top 3 financial fears after divorce

The paperwork is signed, finances divided and you're about to start again - welcome to life post-divorce. It's ...
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Time is money

How much do I need to retire on?

How much do I need to retire on? Without a crystal ball at hand, it's hard to know ...
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Property Portfolio checkup

Why a property portfolio health check is just as important as your own

Regular health checks are a great way to pick up on early warning signs - that irritable cough ...
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Sandwich generation

Property strategies for the sandwich generation

If you're being squeezed between the financial needs of your children and ageing parents, you're in what's commonly ...
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TESTIMONIAL: I don't like debt yet I'm now set.....

You will have to excuse the rhyme but it's true. I don't like debt and paid my townhouse off as fast as I could. Then I had all this extra money in the bank which I was being taxed on. But the thought of buying an investment property and being in debt again was overwhelming. Until I met Christine. She walked me through the principles of good debt and bad debt and how I could not only stop paying tax on the % I was earning but grow my funds faster with an investment property. Three years on and I'm about to buy my second investment property with increased equity in my first. It's not hard but it took me a while to let go of my fear around debt to move forward. Things are looking 'set' now.

 Andrew G.