How to build your property investment team

How to build your property investment team

You may not think you need them for residential property investment, but after 30 years in the business ...
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TESTIMONIAL: I don't like debt yet I'm now set.....

You will have to excuse the rhyme but it's true. I don't like debt and paid my townhouse off as fast as I could. Then I had all this extra money in the bank which I was being taxed on. But the thought of buying an investment property and being in debt again was overwhelming. Until I met Christine. She walked me through the principles of good debt and bad debt and how I could not only stop paying tax on the % I was earning but grow my funds faster with an investment property. Three years on and I'm about to buy my second investment property with increased equity in my first. It's not hard but it took me a while to let go of my fear around debt to move forward. Things are looking 'set' now.

 Andrew G.