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What 40+ women can learn from our younger sisters
What 40+ women can learn from our younger sisters when it comes to building wealth aided by credit

What 40+ women can learn from our younger sisters when it comes to building wealth aided by credit – Did you grow up being told debt is bad? That you had to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible? Our eBook explains how being comfortable with ‘good debt’ and understanding how to use the bank’s money to your advantage can put you alongside another generation in building wealth.

50 simple ways to save money

You'll probably know many of these but it's always good to be reminded that going back to basics and keeping things simple can mean more money in your back pocket. Here are 50 simple tips to get you started.

Top 4 ways to help your kids into a home

It's one of the most common questions I'm asked "how can I help my kids get into their own home?" It's not as complex as it may seem but there certainly are some things to consider and boundaries to put in place if you are going to assist them.

Be Free with Three

Keen to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Don't consider anything less than three investment property. Read on to understand why.

Houses vs Apartments

Land is the only thing that goes up in value, I wish I had have bought land 10 years ago, I would have made a killing. How can Apartments possibly double in value where the land content is extremely minimal?

How to reduce your accounting fees

How to reduce your accounting fees –Spending too much in crunching numbers? Our eBook will show you how with a little time from you using our simple strategies, will save a lot of time for your Accountant and potentially increase your return on investment.

Bricks and Mortar wealth strategy

Bricks and Mortar Wealth Strategy – Not sure how to create wealth through property investing? Confused by all the hype from the media. Our eBook will walk you through the process of our ‘buy and hold’ along with our three property investment strategy so you can make an informed, educated decision when investing.

Rentvesting when your suddenly single

When  you’re  Suddenly  Single  and  have  to start  again,  it’s  possible  to  kickstart  your  portfolio through  rentvesting  as  a  proven  strategy  to  build wealth  and  deliver  a  secure  asset  base.  Seeking investment  funding  based  on  your  own  income combined  with  projected  rental  returns  makes you  a  strong  finance  candidate,  increasing  the likelihood  of  a  successful  mortgage  application.

Delete Tasks Apps

We live in a busy world so why not let modern technology help out. Here are our favourite
delegation apps that can help with streamlining your around those everyday challenges of
keeping up with what’s in our Inbox.


TESTIMONIAL: Still eat smashed avocado and bought an invesment property

We are both in our late 20's and wanted to buy an investment property and still rent in Brunswick (Melbourne). Plus, we liked our inner-city lifestyle, so still being able to go out for coffee with friends or brunch on the weekends was important. Despite all the negative press about young people not able to save, we'd put together a reasonable amount of money, but also showed our bank that we could make regular contributions to our investment account. After a Discovery Session with Christine, we knew we were on the right track and bought our first house and land package in a new masterplan area. Land will register shortly and it's already grown by 15%. Our goal is to buy another one in the next three years. Thanks to everyone at Smarter Property Investing for making the process so easy. Couldn't have done it without you.

Rachel and Jason