Podcasts - some light listening

You can have your cake and eat it too - Property Investory

Tyrone Shum of Property Investory talks to Christine Williams on her business Smarter Property Investing.

What's happening in the market - Talkers FM

Wayne Bucklar from Talkers FM chats with Christine Williams on what's currently happening in the market.

You can have your avocado and invest - Canberra FM

Canberra Real Estate expert, Renee and Cam will discuss all you need to know about property investing with Christine Williams.

Let go of your preconceived ideas when it comes to property investing - Mike Mortlock


Featured on 'Geared for Growth' Christine Williams talks about how to look at starting your journey into property investing.

What is a rentvestor? - Canberra FM


Canberra Real Estate expert, Renee and Cam will discuss with Christine Williams what the newest real estate term 'rentvesting' means.

Should you be listening to family and friends when buying an investment property - Canberra FM

COMING SOON.While your nearest and dearest likely have your best interests at heart, experts warn there's a real danger of blowing your money if you don't seek a wider view.

ABC Life Matters logo
ABC Life Matters with Amanda Smith - suddenly single: investing wisely after a breakup

Christine shares the story of how she built her own property portfolio, and now runs a business helping others do the same.

Money to Love with Steve Price & Heidi Armstrong

Christine discusses rentvesting strategies with Steve Price and Heidi Armstrong on 3AW's Money to Love. 

How to make SMARTER property investment decisions - EON28

Mark Wenzel of EON28 talks to Christine Williams about how to make SMARTER Property Investment decisions.  

The property is future funded - EON8

Mark Wenzel speaks with Christine Williams, about her experience in owning property through SMSF. Christine shares her real life experience in building her family’s retirement savings through property. 


TESTIMONIAL: Never to late, Even at our age.

We've worked hard all our lives and yet we found ourselves financially behind the eight ball out of no fault of our own. We didn't know what to do until a friend introduced us to Christine. We both have good jobs and enjoy working but now needed to be quite assertive on how to get ahead. As soon as we met Christine, we knew we'd found a professional who understood our fears and also put together a strategy for us to maximise our money and small savings. We were open to all ideas that were available and Christine walked us through each of them - we choose the one we were most comfortable with and it took off from there. We now have an investment property in Queensland that was tenanted within one week of settlement. We are looking for another one now - just waiting crunch our numbers and then off we'll go again. So grateful for everything Christine has done for us. 

Angela & Thomas.